"The Sisters" by Tiana

Art produced by Tiana Espinoza
Concept to Set-Up, Models, and Photography

“The Sisters” by Tiana Espinoza

“The Sisters” by Tiana Espinoza

Artist’s Notes:
When I was a junior in high school, my AP (Advanced Placement) Photography teacher created student groups in which we were to choose a MasterWorks image (an older well-known picture) to recreate. In my particular group, there were two photographers and two models. We selected a picture found from the National Gallery of Art’s website entitled, “The Sisters”, which featured two women looking in opposite directions while seated. In the re-creation of the MasterWorks piece, we decided that the two models should wear traditional clothing from their respective country to showcase diversity. We placed an American flag in the background to exhibit how diverse America truly is.

This photograph (our re-creation) was given the distinction of Honorable mention and was put on display in the front hall of the US Department of Education. It was also displayed on DOE TV’s and depicted on the front of main event brochures. This was an amazing experience to have worked with my friends, setting up the photograph, then to have it hang proudly at the US Department of Education.

-Tiana Espinoza

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