11 Dreamy home-scapes and decor we love

Check out these 8 dreamy homescapes and decor ideas. 
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bathroom dream.jpg

inspire me home decor | @inspire_me_home_decor

We don't know about you, but a sparkling bathroom (complete with a gorgeous soaking tub) is on the top of our list when it comes to dream rooms and decor. Simple, yet lavish and elegant!

What embellishments are you dying to add to your bathroom? Or are you more simplistic and would rather have a clean, tidy, no-frills space?

What would you consider to be over-the-top?  

Check out all of our faves here and let us know what you think!


Preppy chic | preppychic.club

The A bohemian bedroom with cushy pillows, flowers, beautiful sleepy colors, and a stack of books on the nightstand? We'll take two!



We love this kitchen for its simplicity, entertain-worthy set-up, beautiful countertops and cabinetry. Keeping this kitchen clean doesn't seem so impossible!

dreamy workspace bed.jpg

daily dream decor | dailydreamdecor.com

Get some work done, get some nap time in. So simply crafted, so perfectly thought through. Add an espresso machine and a milk frother, and it's a go.


roohome | roohome.com

Beautifully blue, overlooking the water, minimalist, flowing, and modernly imaginative. Calgon, take us away (in the kitchen)...


All express | allexpress.com

Entertain in chic style with swoon-worthy flowers and colors while enjoying your fave movie. Netflix and chill? Mayyyybe....


4 Seasons | 4seasons-nrv.com

One-bedroom studio? No problem! You can have a sitting area to read, a library, a living room, & work area... complete with Moroccan lamps and accents!


NFM | blog.nfm.com

This timeless bathroom makes us think of Audrey Hepburn. The matching pieces, headboard, and chair are gorgeously plush and can be used with any color room you choose. 

Pink, creamy white, and taupe'ish-tan colors create a relaxing ambiance. The throw pillows, lighting, and rug invite you to stay. 

We're sure there is crown molding for days on this ceiling to complete the look! 


dreamgarage studio.jpg

Amarr | Amarr.com

This, my friends, is a converted garage! This is the cutest workspace studio, created via garage door replacement. Beauteous...

pillow tent fort.jpg

source unknown

The dreamy tent fort... no dream home is complete without one!


Lonny | Lonny.com

29BOHO: This is a fabulous jungalow-inspired apartment is available to stay in via AirBnB! Boho throw pillows and paintings for days...