Feeling Down? Try These Pick-Me-Ups!

It happens to all of us. Winter blues, holiday blues, baby blues, just… the blues. Whether or not there’s a rhyme and/or reason to our feeling some sort of way, being aware of how we feel is important. Some situations/moods call for mindful attention, while others do not.

Here’s a list of pick-me-ups that might help the next time you’re feeling down. Some answers are repeated here as we’re including what everyone wrote! :)

Have a fave that’s not on this list? Comment yours below to help others with ideas, too!

Photograph by The Lazy Artist

Photograph by The Lazy Artist

  1. Drives going nowhere while listening to music 😊 And chocolate. Have the music as loud as you want, sing along as loud as you can, wiggle/dance with your arms and upper body (still stay safe cause you’re driving- lol) and even if it’s cold, crack the window. That little bit of fresh air is key. 

  2. Long baths

  3. Sleeping and/or listening to some Latin music!

  4. Gym and playing an instrument

  5. Creating art ✨ & talking to my support system

  6. My kids’ giggles and funny things. My husband’s hugs and kisses. My sister’s or friends’ healing words.

  7. Eating dessert

  8. Ice cream (coconut is my favorite!)

  9. Dancing

  10. Music

  11. Watching a scary movie. It sounds weird but I get so terrified and caught up in the drama that I’m able to stop dwelling on what’s upset me. Then I’m all... at least I don’t live in a haunted house. Haha!

  12. My dog, ChaCha

  13. Cooking a good meal with comfort food

  14. Cuddling with my baby and/or dog

  15. Going for a run or a bike ride. If too cold or wet outside, then try to do something nice for someone else.

  16. A warm hug

  17. Salsa music / dancing

  18. Cooking a pot of soup, listening to good salsa music, dancing to said salsa music, and a good glass of wine and a hug from my other half.

  19. Going to the beach for a walk or run, classic music, cooking, grocery shopping, a movie with my koko, or sometimes just calling a friend and venting makes everything better! And If really mad a the husband: a phone call to Tiffanys is always the most fun after the purchase because “he made me do it”!!! Lol!

  20. My favorite songs. Getting lost in music.

  21. Happy flow meditation

  22. A good cry watching a sappy love story while drinking hot cocoa and cuddling my pup.

  23. Travel or new shoes

  24. Church, hugs, dance

  25. Letting go of the mess at that moment and playing with my girls!

  26. Music, always music!

  27. Having a good talk with Mom!

  28. Shopping

  29. Meditation, beach walk, swim

  30. A surprise!

  31. Chocolates & Mango Haagen-Daz

  32. Working out, taking a warm shower/bath and tea

  33. Listening to the sound of a rainstorm

  34. Talking to my friends and/or family

  35. Good music

  36. Music, hugs ,laughing a good movie

  37. My dog’s face

  38. Music!

  39. Chocolate

  40. Outside running 🏃!! Nothing like it.

  41. Silly movies

  42. Praying, listening to music, making myself do something productive...thinking of the less fortunate!

  43. Going for a walk in nature, music, talking to a grounded friend

  44. Music, food, a favorite book/movie, speaking with a dear friend or family member, or something new.

  45. Dance, music, family everything else is just materialistic and secondary. Life is ALWAYS GOOD! I just let life be. Time fixes everything the bad, the sorrow and the imposible, if you show patience to life itself to fix it, make it better, the experience and results just makes you stronger. ❤ Life priorities do matter. 😊😍🤗

  46. Talking to my mom / dad.

  47. Music, dancing, laughing

  48. Anything outside

  49. Bath with book!

  50. Going running!

  51. The beach, Michaels store, music

  52. Dancing

  53. Family

  54. Nice long walks

  55. Cleaning, scrubbing, organizing until the energy is out

  56. Singing mariachi at the top of my lungs

  57. Music, meditation/silence/solitude, prayer, reading positive affirmations

  58. Laughter and hugs

  59. Yoga

  60. Knocking one out (kidding!)

  61. Music is my on the spot supplement for a crappy mood...

  62. Thinking about my grandchildren!

  63. Chanel❤ Hermes❤ Shopping!! Just being honest here!!

  64. Grocery shopping. Looking, touching, and smelling all the fresh vegetables and fruits, freshly baked goods, as well as reading the labels of random items for an hour or two definitely make me feel better.

  65. Music, good movie and seeing someone that uplifts you

  66. Dancing and running

  67. Boxing, chocolate, then a 90 minute massage. Works every time.

  68. Pushing myself to see friends. I may not feel like it at first, but I’m always glad I did afterwards.

  69. Baking for someone else.

  70. Planning a good surprise for someone else!