The Most Treasured Gifts

We asked 30 people what the most treasured / most enjoyable tangible gifts they've ever received, and here's what they said. What kinds of gifts do you remember the most? Do you have a most treasured gift? Comment below!

Photo by RawPixel

Photo by RawPixel

  1. FitBit

  2. My friend found me a set of cocktail tumblers with the entire map of my hometown etched in the glass. They are beautiful. I drink many cocktails from them.

  3. Earrings are very special to me bc I rarely take them off which means they’re with me through all the special and difficult moments in my life. Pearls my dad gave me I wore at my wedding....

  4. Luggage

  5. Alex+Ani bracelets! They have meaning!

  6. Gift cards to Costco

  7. Chocolate. You can't go wrong with chocolate.

  8. A watch given to me 25 yrs ago by a bf (we lasted 2 yrs:) - it just broke beyond repair and i will miss it

  9. Alexa. I play music all around the house.

  10. Trip to Paris!

  11. Tom's Shoes along with Blake Mycoskie's (Founder of Tom's Shoes) book "Start Something That Matters". Great shoes, and a great story for the entrepreneurs in your life.

  12. GPS. Everyone has them on their phone now but when they first came out I was relying on paper maps and I was always lost!

  13. Edibles Arrangement after o had my son. So easy to munch on when I was adjusting to motherhood those first few days

  14. Diamond. Yup. Definitely diamond. Jewelry.

  15. There are two: a canister of Ghirardelli chocolates, and separately a Sharks jersey. They are both great because they were heart felt

  16. We got an Analon skillet as a wedding gift, and still use it 13 years later.

  17. We got a fire pit from my brother in law that we love on cool summer or fall nights. The kids love toasting marshmallows on it.

  18. My engagement ring for what it symbolizes and it’s uniqueness.

  19. Journals, especially the distressed leather ones with ties and thick yellowed pages.

  20. Someone named a star by my name.

  21. A painting that I love and always eyed but wouldn’t buy myself. My husband bought it for me as his wedding gift to me. It wasn’t even crazy expensive. I was just too cheap LOL. I do need to get it framed. One day.

  22. The best gifts are ones ppl want but won’t buy themselves.

  23. Gift cards for treats like ice cream, donuts, coffee, dinner., the bookstore, movies.

  24. Bracelet with my birth stone

  25. Nintendo 3DS

  26. A necklace my grandfather used to wear & a Hemingway book

  27. My first membership to a mixed martial arts gym. I haven't stopped practicing jiujitsu ever since.

  28. My MacBook Air. It's really useful and I received it from my two favorite people.

  29. My first mix tape. I wish I still had a tape player!

  30. My first ever string of pearls. I wear it to "serious" events and am taken seriously. Kind of sad, but I do love them.

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