I Wish I Knew How To...

We asked a group of awesome people what skill(s) they wish they knew. Here's what they said! What skill do you wish you knew?

  1. Swim

  2. Speak French and skydive

  3. Swim and fly a plane

  4. Make tamales

  5. Focus without distractions

  6. Garden, Plumbing, Another language, Baking, Proper knitting, Tango, Swing, Rumba, Water color painting, Play the ukuele

  7. Make sushi and play any instrument

  8. Fly without a plane!

  9. Read Braille. I think it would stimulate my mind in incredible ways...tactile letters in shapes to words then ideas and concepts in a book

  10. Sewing. Definitely sewing.

  11. Play the harmonica, ASL, better communication skills

  12. Deep dive into learning the bass (guitar)

  13. Fly a jet

  14. Repair cars

  15. Sew, play piano, snorkel, learn the stock market

  16. Speak Italian and Thai

  17. Electrician. Piano. Learn just enough to complete the CPA exams

  18. Paint, makeup, hair, fly a plane, race cars, snowboarding, sky diving, cooking, French, Italian and many other languajes...I want to learn how dance and how to sing, how to play the piano, how to act and how to make lots of money

  19. Play the guitar well

  20. Sing, and dance ballet on pointe

  21. Hypnotherapy

  22. Creative Writing

  23. Sew and swim better

  24. Surf

  25. Learn more languages

  26. Taxidermy

  27. Swim and use a sewing maching

  28. Draw, paint, and sculpt

  29. Sew and swim!

  30. Code and build web pages, carpentry, and pipefitting

  31. Revamp our public education system so that it builds honest, contributing members of society who either have a job, create a business, or are prepared and accepted to college as a condition to graduation (drop out i not an opltion). This alone would eradicate poverty in this country. And teach prosperity consciousness" and financial independence to the curriculum

  32. At the moment, widen concrete walkways!

  33. Play tennis

  34. Fencing / HEMA martial arts. Part of me always wanted to learn how to use a sword!

  35. Rock climb

  36. Do my hair. It just hangs there and I can't do anything with it, it seems.

  37. Jump up in the morning and go. I like to lay in bed and hit snooze until I am almost running late!

  38. Successfully make a turkey. There's a reason why one person is assigned to do that every year, and I have a feeling I'd make a mess trying. I don't want to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

  39. Stay away from sweets. Such an addiction!

  40. Dance Salsa and Bachata like my friends can

  41. Speak Spanish & play the piano

  42. Fly a plane

  43. Paddle board

  44. Play the ukulele

  45. Fix a car

  46. How to build (& sustain) a digital presence

  47. Learn Spanish and Japanese, and have a successful business that would cover my salary, benefits and increase my savings at the same time

  48. Speak french and dance the tango

  49. Play the guitar, be bilingual, have a photographic memory

  50. I would learn Arabic fluently! I really want to!

  51. Sew

Photography by Brett Sayles | @dpopbes

Photography by Brett Sayles | @dpopbes

What are some things you wish you knew how to do? Comment below!

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