Living Your Best Life Frugally


Are you are taking steps to spend less money?  You can still keep up a full and interesting life! 

Consider the suggestions below to explore low cost / free ways to enrich your life while reaching your financial goals.  

 Self-Care Weekend
    - Sleep in
    - Try a new recipe 
    - Catch up on movies / favorite shows
    - Read a book
    - Workout
    - Reflection

Career Moves
    - Update your LinkedIn profile
    - Update your resume
    - Do salary research for your current  job
    - Look for additional training in your field
    - Research professional organizations
    - Research/ attend networking opportunities
    - Research new career interests

Relationship Matters
    - Call family and friends to catch up
    - Visit local family and friends
    - Host family and friends at your home
    - Reach out to acquaintances and influencers
    - Take up a volunteer activity in an area of your interest

Tips by Roxanne Bridges
New Legacy Financial Coaching
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