Find Joy In Your Journey

Someone once pulled me aside and said that I view life through "rose colored glasses." This wasn't news to me, and I didn’t see it as the insult as it was intended.

They also proceeded to point out all the shortcomings of it, followed by how I "should" be. I didn’t know how to respond. I didn’t say anything, but what I did do in the next coming months was begin to observe the details of the different ways we responded to life.

I noted that they were more often than not, surrounded by turmoil. I noted that there was always something they were upset about or someone they were at odds with. I noted that there were always unkind words that were unapologetically spoken, and an unwavering stance that was always ready to do battle.

I also noted as I looked across the table and listened to their seething words for the last time, that it was time for our journey and friendship to end.

It's ironic that their harsh words and criticism of me is what made me take off my "rose colored glasses" and see them for what they brought to my life. They tried to teach me a lesson about how I should view the world, but the valuable lesson I learned was to choose carefully who and what I kept in my line of sight.

Find joy in your journey…

jenny aceron

Photography by Joseph W. Allen