Honey Toast... O.M.G.

I live in an area in Northern Virginia where most people do not visit unless they want to take the metro into Washington DC, have a friend that lives here, or are going to visit Magnolia Dessert Bar and Coffee.

I am proud to say, I still live in Oakton because it's a beautiful area to live in, my friends live not-too-far from here, AND I live only 5 minutes from Magnolia Dessert Bar and Coffee.

Is it that serious? Yes, it is. 

Behold... the HONEY TOAST!!! 

Do you need any other reason to visit Magnolia?

Honey Toast is like a thick slice of buttery, soft brioche bread topped with ice cream, Pocky, Nutella, chocolate, macarons, and more (depending on which flavor honey toast you order). All of the varieties offered are excellent, and my favorite is the "Talk of The Town".

There are few places in which everything on the menu is delicious: Magnolia is one of these places. The menu is comprised of a select handful of mouth-watering Thai and Thai-fusion dishes, ah-mazing desserts, beauteous beverages, and French-inspired pastries. I've tried everything from their crepes, to their unique savory muffins, noodle dishes, calamari appetizer, honey toasts, cake slices, hot purple potato latte, matcha latte, espresso (of course), and Tom Kha veggie soup... and this restaurant totally delivered on everything I ordered. 

I've been back time and time again with friends and family, and everyone has had the most enjoyable dining experience. 

This is a small, 2-level cafe which gets crowded, even during the work week, but it's worth the visit--- every. single. time.

If you happen to be in the Northern Virginia area, visit Magnolia. I'd even go so far as to say that their ladies' bathroom is one of the most beautiful I've seen. I won't tell you why, so you should go and see it for yourself!

Magnolia Dessert Bar & Coffee
431 VA-123, Vienna, VA 22180

Do you have a sweet tooth? Which of these Honey Toasts would you try? Comment below!