My Bodyguard: iMax's 130-Decibel Alarm

My bodyguard: Make noise!!! 🖤 .

When I travel, especially when I travel alone, sometimes I get the heebie-jeebies when walking down the street alone in unfamiliar places. Sometimes I feel this way simply walking down the hall in a hotel to my room (!).

Gender-based violence is real and the numbers are shocking. It scares me. I thought I'd use my safety device just when traveling, but now I realize anything could happen at any time, so... this device can set off a 130-decibel alarm when I need it. (I sincerely hope you never need this, but it's good to have. Think about it.) 🖤

This is the @imaxalarm (in these pics, you can see mine and another on our keychain). It's not expensive, could save a life, & a noise-only device that can be used in any emergency situation.

I stop, stand, & speak-out against all forms of harassment... especially sex-based harassment against women, girls, & children. This device maker does, too.
Use it when you need to: ‼️ against bullying, harassment, assault, to rescue, ward off intruders, repel animals, in a medical emergency, etc. ‼️ Wear it around your neck, attach it like a keychain or purse/bag, or do what I do... put it somewhere on your body.

I don't like to think about these things (nor about the mani I NEED right now 💅🏼), but I need to. Anything is possible, so this device makes me feel more comfortable.

BOGO!!! (For a limited time only)
Buy one, get one free! Visit the following link and use the code “espressofied” to get 2 for the price of 1!

One for me, one for my college-aged daughter. #realtalk. 👯‍♀️ You can also get it in other colors!

P.S. iMax Alarm donates $1 p/device sold on a monthly basis to charities that make a difference to #stopstandspeak, too! Sending lots of love to you!!! ❤️xx

#safetyfirst #imaxalarm #stopstandspeak

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