Work-Life Balance

During your last moments in life, you won't be wondering what people thought about you. You'll be thinking about how your life FELT to you.

Trust me. I've been at "end of life" stages twice. 

"But Liz, I'm young and not going to die anytime soon."

I hope not, but one never knows, and this is something to think about NOW so you can live your life fully.

You've been thinking about "work-life balance", and if it even exists. Some of you know it does, but can't quite get to it. You've got work, but... do you have a life?

Life happens. We get sick, we get tired, we get overworked, we miss out on things we wished we didn't (I'm not talking about FOMO- that's another topic for another day)...

What you should do is concentrate on developing yourself SO HARD, that you won't have the time to ponder others' opinions of you, or if your last moments will be spent pondering your "what-ifs".

But HOW?!?!?

Some of you see that I take development courses, dance classes, get lost and explore cities, am reading 52 books this year, have a business that I love with clients that I adore, hang out with awesome friends, arrange events for people to enjoy and raise funds for charities around the world, and more. Did I mention that I'm a mom, wife, and puppy mom? Oh yeah. There's a LOT more where that came from!

Get busy!

Do YOU! Don't know what "you" is?!? Explore!

What are you intensely interested in? Take classes! Watch YouTube instructional videos. Join a meetup group. Read interest books and blogs. Ask friends to join you on a journey. Dabble! What are you moderately curious about? Same thing.

You get the idea.

You'll be so busy LIVING and ish that you won't have time to think about the stuff that won't matter at the "end".

Yes, I said "ish". Cursing doesn't come naturally to me. Or I curse in other languages. I'll let you decide which one it really is. 😂

Ok, so... LIVE! DO YOU! GET BUSY! 
...and ish. 


Image by Tim Mossholder

Image by Tim Mossholder