Life Shrinks... or Expands

I have the vivid memory of almost drowning when I was about 9 years old. We were in the Philippines and my brothers were jumping off a bridge and into the water with some of the local boys. Because I couldn't swim, I decided I would just walk along the shore line. I managed to step into a sink hole and I did exactly what it's name wanted me to do. I sank.

I remember being suspended in a downward pull and reaching for the only thing that I could see which was the sunlight that highlighted the break between water and air high above me and seeing the water frantically rippling. * I thought for sure I was going to drown that day.

Most of you that know me well probably have noted that I never really got in the water, even if it's shallow. I didnt because panic and fear would often consume me.

A few years ago I decided to become the best version of me. Not knowing exactly how to accomplish that, I decided to start by conquering fears. So I started "swimming" by getting in the water at the gym.

As I was looking through photos of vacation, I kept being drawn to this one, then I realized why. This photo represented something that I never thought would ever be. Not only was I in the water, I was happy, and surprisingly sometimes at peace even while I was in the deep end.

I'm drawn to this picture because it reminds me of not only the accomplishment of conquering my fear of water but many others fears that I've left behind. It reminds me of the journies for each of them and how every single one lead me to a place of joy, peace and happiness.

For anyone that is facing any fear I hope you believe me when I tell you that life shrinks or expands according to ones courage.

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