Chocolate and Espresso in DC: PERFECT!


Pop-In Visit

Café Chocolat DC
1423 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

Washingtonians! We found the sweetest spot for real-deal hot chocolate, espressos, croissants, and canelés! ☕️ 🥐 💛Check out @cafechocolatdc on H St., NW, DC! 🥐 ☕️ 💛 They also double as a premier boutique for specialty chocolates from around the world.

We popped in for a surprise visit on Saturday evening and were greeted by the nicest person we had come across all day. He took the time to tell us all about the boutique's offerings, how the chocolates and coffees are prepared, and which selections are his faves (which is difficult to do since everything offered is amazing). We opted for a mocha, a dark hot chocolate, two pieces of the artisanal chocolates on display, a canelé, and a chocolate-filled butter croissant. RIDICULICIOUS. 💛

First of all, did we mention that we ordered a DARK hot chocolate? It was smooth, rich, and smokey, with a dusting of dark chocolate and pepper grated on the top. Yes, CRACKED PEPPER! It was a surprise to our tastebuds and complimented the sipping chocolate perfectly! The mocha was simply wonderful, as expected. We thoroughly enjoyed the flavors of the artesian chocolates (smoked vanilla with pineapple in milk chocolate, and buttery caramel in salted dark chocolate), and just devoured the other pastries as we sipped on our heavenly selections.


Thanks so much, Café Chocolat DC! We'll be back! 💋 
@cafechocolatdc | #espressoyourself