Watch-Worthy Cultural Videos: Colombia, Italy, Greece, UK, & Vietnam

Check out these fun videos on culture and travel!
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P.S. In the interest of video loading time, we only included these 5 countries, but will continue to post more soon!

The Colombian Family by Dating Beyond Borders
Latinos Guess Colombian Slang by Flama

-20 Rules Italians Never Break
-Italian Words You’ve Been Getting Wrong
by Marco In A Box (Be sure to roll your R in “Marco”!)

-How To Dance Zeibekiko (basic steps) by Skakallis
-What To Know Before you Go to Greece by Dating Beyond Borders

-Cost of Living In London
-Working in London
by Love and London

-How To Eat Pho (Stop Eating It Wrong) by Zagat
-How To Say Animals in Vietnamese by Vietglish Fun

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