How To Find Out What Toxins Are In Your Products

Image via FactsToday

Image via FactsToday

Toxins are in our cleaning products, our skincare/haircare products, in the air from this-and-that, and in our foods! We all know this, but what we don’t know is what’s the scariest.

Last week, I had the honor of attending Good Housekeeping’s Parenting Summit. Although my daughter is 19 years old, I knew that whatever I learned for the sake of a baby/child would be beneficial for me, my family, and those who read my blog. I’m all about “clean” products (those with the least amount of chemicals/toxins) but “clean” and “natural” aren’t regulated terms. How do we know what’s really “clean”?

How do we know what’s good for us? How do we know we’re not hurting ourselves and our families with the products we buy, use, and recommend? Are we supposed to trust governmental regulations alone? Should we trust the companies that pitch that their products are “safe”? Even eating cereal these days seems like a complicated issue. It shouldn’t be.

For those of you who are cereal-lovers like me, I encourage you to check out a crazy-helpful site I learned of at the Good Housekeeping summit last week: EWG (it’s been out for years, but I didn’t know about it!). EWG uncovers what we're really consuming (so many toxins and chemicals-- omg). As much as it scares me to see all of it, it's necessary.

Here’s EWG’s site:

ewg safe.jpeg

Environmental Working Group: ”Know your environment. Protect your health.”
Go to the search widget 🔍, type in "cereals" (or whatever you want to know about: skincare products, detergent, hair care, baby care, etc), and learn about the things you’re buying/using. It's an eye-opener. There are “EWG Verified Products” that are deemed the safest to use, too. I find these to be extremely helpful.

The #1 take away?
Just reduce the level of toxins/chemicals you ingest. It's nearly impossible to keep it all out. Our environment isn't as protected as we'd love it to be and we have to keep ourselves as safe as we can.

Not meant to scare you; just want to inform and help as I usually do! Love to you!


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