I lost most of my vision six years ago today.

I was in a lot of pain, I was proactive about my care, I was in and out of the ER and my doctors' offices, the doctors didn't know what was going on, and I ended up with complete blindness in my right eye and lost peripheral vision in the left.

One ER doctor even gave me his work cell number so, when I figured out what was happening, I could text him my diagnosis.

I lost the ability to drive, walk alone at night, go into a movie theatre on my own, read without magnification, view a menu without readers and/or techie gadgets, and more.

It should have gone differently. It should have been textbook to my doctors. I shouldn't have lost my vision.

I won't go into the details of how doctors would send me everywhere and I didn't get answers, or how this all could have been taken care of if one doctor did what they were supposed to do. This post is about something different.

I'm a very independent person. Imagine how I feel / felt when I could no longer drive, when I walk into walls, when I trip over small things because I can't see them, when I miss the cup entirely when trying to pour the creamer (depth perception), how I can't see highlighter yellow, etc. Imagine.

At some point, I realized that--- instead of feeling sorry for myself and being mad--- I have to reconstruct my life with a new perspective. Losing my vision SUCKS (every day of the week) but I can't improve my vision, so I changed my perspective.

I live my life out loud-- EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 DAY 👏.

I can't see, but I have a heart of gold with the ability to help others, I love to have fun, know what I want, know what doesn't matter as much, and I shape my life the way it feels best for me. #selfcare #joy

When you feel like life shifts and you don't have all the control, shift your perspective. Life will throw a hell of a lot of lemons at you, sometimes those lemons will knock you TF out, but you are stronger than those lemons.

Live your life! Feel like something's missing? Create it! Feel like people aren't there for you? Invest in people who matter to you and WILL be there for you! Feel like you can't do something? Try again or try something else!


P.S. It's true. When you lose one sense, another heightens. I lost vision, but now my intuition and sense of smell are spectacular. ❤️

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