The Story Matters (and you can change it)

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The story matters (and you can change it)…

Luxurious. Elegant. Beautiful. 

These are what we know about Chanel. When we read into the story of Coco Chanel, we become inspired by her rebellious, passionate, outspoken, free-spirited character. If we didn't know her story, we'd mistake her for being a snobby, uptight businesswoman. Not everything is as it seems.

This is an expensive bottle of Chanel perfume. While the price is not completely out of reach, I could just as well dab vanilla on my neck and be on my way, but I'm intrigued by this bottle of Gabrielle. I begin to read the box to find the perfume’s ingredients; instead, I find a story.

The Story of Chanel’s Gabrielle: "Olivier Polge crafted this Eau de Parfum as an imaginary flower: a radiant and sparkling, purely feminine Chanel blossom based on a bouquet of four white flowers: a rich, enveloping heart of exotic jasmine shimmers with the fruity green notes of ylang-ylang, while fresh and sparkling orange blossom shines through, offering a glimpse of grasse tuberose captured at its finest."

Intriguing, descriptive, and revealing... this story inspires and takes us on an aromatic journey.

Likewise, your own story can be written stunningly. It depends on you.

How do you see your life? Do you take for granted what beautiful moments you've witnessed? Do you write it off as all dark and dreary? Do you base your future on what has happened in the past? Do you feel your weeks are long and monotonous?

Breathe life into your story. Write it while allowing your emotions to pour out, take it through the present, & continue to edit until you've created your own whimsically-crafted future. The future hasn't happened yet, so you wouldn't be lying about it- you'd be creating it. What will your story be? What will you create within it?

If Chanel created a fictitious flower based on a combination of what already exists, and sells this sparkling creation of a fragrance en masse, imagine the possibilities for your own life! 

-Amber Akram

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