Meal In A Bottle

Not feeling well but I've got so much to do!
(Sick?!? Ain't nobody got time for that!)

Not even kidding: I don't even know how I got sick this time, but it hit me hard and I've got life-changing work to do! I'm a double-organ transplant recipient, a mom, wife, & life coach. I have to take care of me more than most healthy people do-- and I know it starts from the inside-out.

Not letting this get in my way of teaching workshops tomorrow, so I'm drinking what my husband does before he does jiujitsu-- @Soylent.🥛 (It's a meal in a bottle) I'm sure it could help me lose weight too, but right now-- I'm focused on getting heathy. Ain't nobody got time to chop and juice in the kitchen either, so this meal in a bottle is LIFE to me rn! 🌱

Rolo LOVES the coffee one, so I picked out this café mocha bottle ☕️. Tomorrow, I'm grabbing the strawberry one! Check out the flavors. Which one would you try?!?

So yummy + convenient! Thank you so much, @soylent! 💚

Anyway, wish me luck! I'm drinking Soylent and tea w/ raw honey 🍯, taking oregano oil capsules, taking naps, staying in my PJ's all day, & making it a GET WELL NOW day! .

To your health!!! Xx

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