Getting Your Skin In Shape Isn't An Easy Thing To Do... Or Is It?

Rebekah Funes, owner and esthetician of Pure Zen Esthetics in Manassas, teaches her clients how to holistically care for their skin, using only natural and organic ingredients. "Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be expensive, or painful... in fact, it shouldn't be. You can use ingredients in your kitchen that are more beneficial for your skin than most people know."

Rebekah has been an esthetician for over 25 years and works with everyone, women and men of all ages, to achieve the healthiest skin possible. "In order to have healthy looking skin, it has to be healthy. Using simple, natural and organic ingredients on your skin is how you achieve healthy skin. You don't need a 10-step skincare regimen to have beautiful skin. All it takes is a simple morning and nighttime regimen to upkeep and maintain one's complexion: cleanse, gently exfoliate, & moisturize."

She emphasizes using only natural and organic ingredients in her practice. Most of the products you see in drugstores and department stores have toxic ingredients linked to cancer. All of these creams, lotions, serums, cosmetics, etc. are absorbed by your skin, and into your bloodstream. Studies have proven that these toxic ingredients show up in the biopsy samples taken from breast tumors, ovarian cancer, and more. "Formaldehyde, parabens, nitrosamines, artificial coloring, fragrance, lead, etc.- they're all in your toxic products that cause harm to our bodies. I use nutritious ingredients which help keep your skin, and body, healthy.".

Rebekah invites you into her home spa, offers you a wrap to wear during your facial, and consults with you while she analyzes your skin. She deeply cleanses, steams, exfoliates, extracts impurities from, massages, applies a customized facial mask to, and hydrates the skin with all organic products. She makes some of them in her home with essential oils, fruits, and flowers as well as uses a local organic natural skincare line called Sans Skincare ("sans" is Latin for "without": without water, preservatives, and other harsh chemicals). 

"Her hands are like magic, and my face feels so clean and as smooth as butter after my facial!", says Liz Strom, long time client of Pure Zen Esthetics.

Rebekah shares the secret to healthy skin: Get an organic facial every 4-6 weeks, stay hydrated, and consider the foods we're eating. "Beauty begins from the inside, out. What you put on your skin is as equally as important as what you put in your body. Nourish yourself with the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and use nourishing ingredients on the skin, to see stellar results", Rebekah affirms.

To make an appointment with Rebekah Funes of Pure Zen Esthetics, visit, email her at, or text (571) 535-9750.

Photo by Min An | @minan1398

Photo by Min An | @minan1398

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